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Mission & Objectives

The mission of CJE de l’Ouest-de-l’Île is to support young adults through the participation of community partners by offering a free range of bilingual services and programs in social reintegration, job search, back to school and awareness of the entrepreneurial reality.

Any young adult between the ages of 16 and 35 is eligible for the services of CJE, whether the youth has dropped out of school or holds a diploma, or is unemployed or seeking training.


Our organization is for everyone, regardless of economic or social situation.

Our objectives:  

  • Helping youth in their efforts to integrate into the labour market;

  • Counselling and supporting youth in their educational and professional development;

  • Supporting and promoting the services for youth (job search, academic and vocational information, orientation and entrepreneurship);

  •  Supporting and promoting the development of employment in the sector, in partnership with local parties;

  • Raising awareness of the situation of youth ages 16 to 35 in the social and economic parties in relation to the academic journey and integration into the job market;

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Our values are the following: 

  • Kindness, an umbrella value

  • Respect and openness

  • Equity and inclusion

  • Communication and listening

  • Cooperation and collaboration

  • Adaptability and agility

  • Commitment

For more information about our values, please consult this document:

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