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Obtaining Funding
If you are seeking employment in the West Island or elsewhere, all job search or return to school programs offer an allowance to qualified participants.

Basic Services


Participants who meet certain criteria can receive a $9 allowance each time they come to our offices located on the West Island to work on their attempts and/or meet with one of our professionals.


Some participants may also be reimbursed for their transportation costs childcare expenses.


Come see us to see if you qualify.

Préparation Avenir

All participants registered in the "Préparation avenir" program receive an allowance equivalent to the minimum wage in effect for 30 hours a week of job search efforts in our offices for a six-week duration.


We have a new cohort starting every six weeks. Call us to make an appointment.

On track

A $45 a week allowance is give

Managing Money

Managing a Budget


We assist all participants who want our help in the setting up and administration of their budget. If your needs are outside our area of expertise, we will refer you to an appropriate resource.

Debt management

The worst solution for debt management is to do nothing. We have a solution for you, according to your needs and reality.  


We offer workshops on taxes and will refer our clients to the appropriate resources during tax season.

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