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Créneau Carrefour jeunesse


Créneau carrefour jeunesse is a new program from the Secrétariat à la jeunesse put in place by the carrefours jeunesse-emploi (CJE), aimed at promoting academic perseverance, personal and social autonomy, as well as youth participation in entrepreneurship, volunteer and humanitarian work.



Academic perseverance: this service is aimed at encouraging academic

perseverance or youth's return to school. It is geared towards youth ages 15 to 19

who are at risk of dropping out or have dropped out of school in the last six months. 

Personal and social autonomy: this service is aimed at promoting the acquisition

of skills and the adoption of behaviours contributing to the development of youth's

autonomy, both personally and socially. It is geared to youth ages 16 to 35 who are

experiencing significant personal, social integration or professional difficulties.

Entrepreneurship: this component is aimed at creating a maximum of

opportunities for youth to participate in entrepreneurial projects which are concrete

experiences that will contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial culture.

It is geared for youth in cycle 2 of a secondary school.

Volunteer work: this component is aimed at increasing opportunities for youth to get involved in their community by participating in volunteer projects related to the objectives of the Politique québécoise de la jeunesse. It is geared for youth in cycle 2 of a secondary school.

Volunteerism: This component is aimed at implementing voluntary projects which have a collective purpose and which promote youth involvement. It is geared towards youth ages 18 to 29.

Governance: this component is aimed at promoting the presence of a succession of new members on the CJE Board of Directors in all regions of Québec.


The Créneau carrefour jeunesse programme helps to reinforce the intervention capacity of the Québec government on a local level via CJE's, a network of organizations recognized and throughout Québec.

créneau carrefour
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